Free Attractions

Enjoy the amenities of our Etching art activity where you can create your own rubbing of a dinosaur picture. Learn about all the dinosaurs and about prehistoric times in our educational events happening all throughout the day.


Pangaea now has it's very own Token operated Adventure Arcade for guests of all ages to enjoy! We have over 20 games to choose from and lots of prizes to win! Visit one of our Token machines and start playing today!

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Basic Attractions

These activities simulate the process of Paleontology by digging, excavating, and molding a dinosaur that gets to be taken home

*included in Kid's VIP tickets

*included in Paleo package

Clay Creation Station



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Dino Dig Pit

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Premium Activities

Find your choice of real fossils or gemstones in this panning activity where you sift a bin of dirt through rushing water

*Included in the Paleo package